21 April-31 December 2022
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What's Saladplate?

Saladplate is the dedicated 365 community that brings together the hospitality, food & beverage industry's best suppliers and buyers to engage, experience and build business connections via physical and virtual experiences, specialised digital content and actionable data insights. 

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Why should you join?

Our data-driven and content first platform enables highly efficient product discovery and sourcing.
  • Smart AI recommendation considers your expressed and underlying interest.
  • Powerful RFQ/RFP: Sending your request to hundreds of qualified suppliers.

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Our dedicated customer success team works alongside you to continuously map your needs to our capabilities.
  • Curated recommendation that meets your soucing needs.
  • Handheld meeting arranging and 1:1 matching. 
  • Unique sampling service to create unique O2O
  • Experience for your targeted buyers and markets.

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Our dedicated customer success team works with you to continuously map your needs to our capabilities.
  • Curated product/supplier recommendation.
  • Handheld matchmaking and meeting scheduling.
  • Unique sampling service.

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Our community and content network allow you to stay connected 24/7.
  • Global professional network powered by 28 food & hospitality shows.
  • Content and events by our editorial team, industry experts and your peers. 

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