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About Buyer Sourcing Week
Saladplate is hosting its Buyer Sourcing Week where our pre-matched and pre-scheduled meetings bring vetted suppliers to meet some of the Southeast Asia's top importers / distributors to discuss sourcing requirements and product interest in food & hospitality.

These private meetings will each last 25 minutes and be held online. Matched suppliers will present their products and services to the target buyers, while buyers get the opportunity to discuss more of their sourcing needs and requirements.

Featured buyer profile: Procurement Director/Manager from the Top ASEAN F&B importer & distributor

Here are some advantages of this meetings:

  • Customized for your sourcing needs
  • Work around your schedule - meetings are scheduled based on your availability in the sourcing week
  • Save your time - meet high-quality suppliers to significantly expand your target supplier pool in no time


  • Meet the top buyers in the country
  • High quality matchmaking - highly relevant to your products and services
  • You choose who you would like to meet

Existing Programs

What is Saladplate's Buyer Sourcing Week?

Saladplate's Buyer Sourcing Week is a series of curated online meetings pre-scheduled between food & hospitality suppliers and top buyers such as importers, distributors and major retailers. The matching is done through a highly consultative approach and starts with carefully understanding top buyer's sourcing needs. Suppliers with the right products and capabilities are matched and presented to key decision makers of buying organizations in a series of private meetings.

Who is eligible to join the Buyer Sourcing Week?

All Saladplate suppliers are eligible to join the first edition (Oct 2022) however whether they are selected or not depends on buyer's approval. Our supplier eligibility criteria might change from edition to edition.

if you are not Saladplate supplier yet. you are welcome to contact our sales team here.

All buyers are welcome to apply, whether you have a Saladplate account or not. Our buyer development team will be in touch and review your qualification.

How do I apply to join?

Suppliers please register your interest here.

Buyers please register your interest here.

Where and how this event will take place?

Our Buyer Sourcing Week will take place online. Saladplate will roll out in-person matchmaking events in the future and they will be under a different product name.

How much it will cost me to join the Buyer Sourcing Week?

It's completely free for buyers to join the Buyer Sourcing Week although we cannot guarantee every buyer that applies will be allowed to join.

For suppliers, once you express your initial interest, our sales team will be in touch to discuss the plan details with you.

(For suppliers) How do I see the buyer information?

You can come back to this page from time to time to find more updates of buyers - we will continuously add new buyers and more information of confirmed buyers to the event.

If you already have an assigned account manager from us, you can also get the same updates from your dedicated account manager.

(For suppliers) How do I make sure I meet the buyers of my choice?

For every buyer we bring to the Buyer Sourcing Week, we ensure he/she holds procurement position within a buying organization of significant buyer power. In a word, we are confident they are who you'd like to meet. With that being said, we understand your selling needs are unique, just as those top buyer's procurement needs - part of our onboarding process is to gather extensive amount of information from you to understand your selling needs, so we can pair them up with buyer side of requirements. When initial match is successful, we will present your high-level profile to your target buyer(s) and if the feedback is positive, a meeting will be scheduled.

(For suppliers) What should I prepare to have a more fruitful meeting?

We strongly recommend you polish your product powerpoint slides and prepare 15 minutes presentation. Once you are with us, our account manager will also guide you through the information you will need to prepare, in the context of what's important to the buyer you are going to meet.

(For suppliers) I cannot make to the designated time to meet the buyers, however I am interested, what should I do?

We are happy to understand your selling needs and make individual arrangement for you. Please be in touch with our sales team and they will figure out how.

(For buyers) What does it take to become Saladplate's hosted buyers?

Please register your initial interest here and our buyer development manager will be in touch and qualify your interest. We are looking for buyers that hold procurement positions within a buying organization of significant buying power.

(For buyers) How does the Buyer Sourcing Week work for me?

Once you express your interest of joining us, our buyer development manager will be in touch and introduce the program to you. Also, he/she will spend some time understand your sourcing needs and decide whether you are best placed to join the current edition or other editions. After the consultation session, our buyer development team will work with our account managers to shortlist the right supplier candidates for you. We will only arrange the meetings between you and the approved suppliers based on your initial review of the recommended ones. Please feel free to let your buyer development manager know what you'd like the supplier to bring to the table during the pitch meeting.

(For buyers) I am not interested in the indicated categories, could you still find suppliers for me?

We will see whether you can join our next / upcoming edition. If it turns out you cannot join the upcoming ones due to various reasons, we can always arrange standalone matchmaking meetings for you.

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