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Bronwyn Duke
International Market Manager
Dairy Australia
Catherine Taylor
International Trade Manager
Dairy Australia
Melissa Cameron
Human Health and Nutrition Policy Manager
Dairy Australia

The Australian dairy industry is committed to providing safe and nutritious food for a healthier world. From fresh milk, creamy yoghurts, natural cheese and nutritious dairy ingredients, for decades, our industry has been working together delivering those products to our global partners across South East Asia.

With increasing questions around sustainable diets of the future, interest in plant based foods and the environmental impact of farming, the Australian dairy industry acknowledges the need to address the role of dairy in future diets.

As a food and beverage industry professional, we understand these questions are important to you. We invite you to this unique opportunity to hear from the Australian dairy industry, to learn more about our optimistic farmers, our innovative processors and our nutritious high-quality products. We then explore more about the world leading research and projects we have undertaken to support the role of dairy in a sustainable diet.


By attending this webinar, you will:

  1. Learn about the Australian dairy industry, its farmers, processors and products.

  2. Understand considerations in developing healthy sustainable diets

  3. Hear experts talk about the role Australian dairy is playing in supporting dairy's role in future sustainable diets

Who Should Attend
  1. Dairy Products Importers / Purchasers

  2. International Trader, especially in Food & Beverage industry

  3. People who work or is interested in the industry of hospitality, food service, bakery, confectionery, food retail and food manufacturing

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